Video Mapping Festival #2
March > August 2019
Hauts-de-France Region

The Video Mapping Festival comes back in 2019 for its 2nd edition in the Hauts-de-France region!
In order to focus on this emerging discipline which is growing significantly, the Festival aims to present video mapping in all its forms (monument, object, video game, immersive, interactive video mapping…) and offers contents dedicated to general public, as well as professionals and students in international animation and video game schools.

• Opening night in Lille / Friday 29th of March
Video mapping tour in the city: mapping on monuments, on objects, video game mapping, immersive mapping, interactive mapping… about 20 creations to discover at your own pace on a 3.5-km loop!
Palais des Beaux-Arts, Rue de l’Hôpital Militaire, Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe (regional headquarters), Palais Rihour (Salle du Conclave), Grand’Place (Goddess Column), Vieille Bourse (inner courtyard), Lille Opera House, Lille Flandres Train Station, Avenue Charles Saint-Venant, Rue Saint-Sauveur and Square Augustin Laurent, City Hall (Hallway), Pavillon Saint-Sauveur, Rue du Réduit, Porte de Paris (bridge), Hermitage Gantois, Back of the Palais des Beaux-Arts (sculptures)
+ Meeting with the artists of the video mapping tour on Saturday 30th of March, to immerse yourself into the creations backstages.
+ Video Mapping Awards on Thursday 28th and Saturday 30thof March: 2 video projections to discover the best mapping pieces that were screened around the world in 2018! A Jury composed of professionals from the mapping sector will award the prizes on Saturday 30th of March.

• Events in about 15 cities in the Hauts-de-France region / May > August
Douaisis Agglo (Arleux, Douai, Roost-Warendin) / 26th and 27th of April
Bailleul (Beffroi) / 4th of May
Maubeuge (Salle Sthrau) / 9th of May
Bruay-La-Buissière (Cité des Électriciens) / 17th and 18th of May
Anzin (Dampierre Castle and Park) / 18th of May
Béthune (Video mapping tour in the city) / 25th of May
Bours (Dungeon) / 15th of June
Cassel (Flanders Museum) / 20th of June
Château-Thierry (City Hall and Hôtel-Dieu) / 22nd of June
Seclin (Saint-Piat Collegiate Church) / Eldorado / lille3000 – 29th of June
Saint-Pierre-en-Chastres (Priory’s Ruins) / Festival des Forêts – 1st of July
Saint-Riquier (Abbey) / Festival de l’Abbaye – 6th > 11th of July
Arras (Beffroi) / 31st of August

• Participative workshops around video mapping / January > April
with the inhabitants from territories hosting the Festival.

• Contents dedicated to professionals and international students
– Creative challenges / 23rd 27th of March (Arenberg Creative Mine)
for international animation and video game students and professionals.
2 workshops proposed: monument and object video mapping ; screening of their work during the Opening night.
– IBSIC – Image Beyond the Screen International Conference / 28th > 30th of March (Arenberg Creative Mine and Lille)
Annual event dedicated to the video mapping industry, in the presence of the international great names in the sector. 3 days of reflections and discussions, led by 35 speakers: meetings, conferences, case studies, screenings, networking to analyse the various aspects of this new sector which is growing significantly (writings, technologies, training, production, economic models, screening, etc.).


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