Meeting with video mapping international artists

Saturday 30th of March 2019
L’hybride, Lille
Free entrance

4 pm > 5 pm / László Zsolt Bordos Conference
How did we arrive to project on buildings?

László Zsolt Bordos will present a lecture about the key moments of the history of projected image and the history of video mapping.

László Zsolt Bordos, also known as Bordos.Artworks, is an artist living in Budapest. He started as a VJ in year 2000, performing in the underground party culture of the city. With his early 3D-VJing (2001-2004), his participation to huge size architectural slide projections (2002-2005) and his outrageous video projections and 3D mapping projects (2007-present), he became a pioneer of the genre.
 Since 2015, Bordos is focusing on solo art projects, light art installations and scenographies projections for theaters and operas, being an active participant in the best light art festivals around the globe.

5:30 pm > 9 pm / Meetings with the artists of the Lille video mapping tour
The works displayed on the Lille video mapping tour on Friday have mostly been created during artistic residencies that started at Arenberg Creative Mine in November 2018.
Meet the artists and discover the backstage of their creations!

Patrice Curtillat and Thomas Lanza (France)
Frédéric Duzan (France)
Motomichi Nakamura (USA)
Mina Perrichon (France, Bulgaria)
Momoko Seto (Japan)
Theodore Ushev (Canada)
Soetkin Verstegen (Belgium)
Célia Bétourné, Léa Camilleri, Louis Cortes, Anthony Revollat - Acéphale (France)
Fahd Bouaziz, Elyes Rebai, Zouhour Saoud - Design Lab (Tunisia)
Laurent Moulin, Frank Ternier - IDEAL CRASH (France)
Hamza Mrabet, Simon Lebon - Loom Prod (France)
Mourad Bennacer, Aurélien Lafargue - Nature Graphique (France)
Vincent Craig Ota, Wan Ting Lo - Pixel (Singapore)
Gilles Cuvelier, Thomas Machart - Studio Train-Train (France)
Sae-Yun Jung, Igor Shin Moromisato - Vamos Animation (Germany)

9 pm / IBSIC summary and conclusion
The Grands Témoins Xavi Bové (artist) and Bettina Pelz (curator) go back on the 2 days of IBSIC (Image Beyond the Screen International Conference) to summarise it.
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9:30 pm / Video Mapping Awards - Awards ceremony
Following the screening of the 2 competition programmes (Thursday 28th and Saturday 30th of March, Auditorium of the Palais des Beaux-Arts), a Jury composed of mapping professionals (artists, festival programmers, producers, researchers, etc.) will award the prizes, in order to reward the 2018 best productions!
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Followed by a cocktail with the artists.