Friday 29th of March 2019
8:30 pm > 1 am – Loop screening

Duration: approx. 14 min

Lille Flandres Train Station
Place de la Gare
59000 Lille

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Monument video mapping
Momoko Seto (Japan)
Mourad Bennacer, Aurélien Lafargue – Nature Graphique (France)
Francisco Corella Borás, Sae-Yun Jung, Igor Shin Moromisato – Vamos Animation (Germany)

Live shooting, traditional animation, 3D… 3 artists or collectives with very different backgrounds appropriate the facade of the Lille Flandres Train Station to experiment with 3 video mapping approaches!

Video mapping created by Momoko Seto (Japan), Nature Graphique (France) and Vamos Animation (Germany) as part of a creation residency.

On the night of 29th of March, the Lille Flandres Train Station will be transformed into a gigantic vivarium. A colourful African beetle, a snail, or mushrooms, all of enormous size, will appear as monsters trapped in the empty station. Each in their own way, they will each seek a way out of this industrial environment.

Artist: Momoko Seto –
Sound design: Frédéric Duzan

From living organisms to the modern mechanisms that govern of our societies, the notion of network defines us, surrounds us and fascinates us. The dynamics of elementary particles, the chemistry of the living, self-organising biological systems, as well as our transport systems, information networks, and their increasing complexity are all examples which, at various scales, illuminate our relationship to the order and chaos around us, our understanding of the world, while revealing our undeniable impact on it.
Between different aesthetics, Network is a visual and sound creation that explores our relationship to networks with a sensory approach, using architectural mapping as a tool to navigate between the infinitely large and the infinitely small in an intuitive and abstract way, on the unique structure that represents the Lille Flandres Train Station.

Artist: Aurélien Lafargue –
Sound design: Mourad Bennacer –

When the moon is full,
one should do something special.
You have to sit in front of the piano and play at Lille Central Station.

You have to touch each other loudly and get your hands into a messy mix
You are next to me but I call out your name as if I miss you madly.
We must believe that touching each other will bring the moon closer to us.

Artist: Francisco Corella Borás, Sae-Yun Jung, Igor Shin Moromisato –
Music: Claude Debussy
Mix: Seongmin Lee (Studio KLANG), Frédéric Duzan

Inspired by Claude Debussy, the pianists Kathia Buniatishvili and Pola Park play Clair de Lune..

Video mapping created for the Video Mapping Festival organised by Rencontres Audiovisuelles, as part of the Video Mapping European Center residencies.
With the support of the European Union (Europe is committed to the Hauts-de-France through the European Regional Development Fund), the Hauts-de-France Region, the Urban Community of La Porte du Hainaut, the DeVisu laboratory of the Polytechnic University Hauts-de-France, Arenberg Creative Mine and the City of Wallers-Arenberg.

With the support of SNCF Gares & Connexions.



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